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Hi Todd,

I’m writing to share some sad news. My Yiayia Eleni passed away unexpectedly Sunday morning of an aneurysm and we just held her funeral services here in MA.

As fate would have it, Pete and I were in NYC this past weekend and were able to get home quickly enough to see her alive but asleep on Saturday evening in the hospital.

As we pulled together photos for display at the funeral home, we had so many perfect ones to add from our wedding in October and are so thankful for that. You captured some beautiful moments of my sisters and I dancing with Yiayia and helped to remind us of all of the fun we had with her.

It became apparent, yet again, how blessed we are to have crossed paths with you and to have had you as part of our lives that weekend (and still!).

I just wanted to email to thank you again for what you do. Your photography affects the world around you in such a positive way and we are better for knowing you.

Lots of love,

Eleni, Pete, and the extended Ceven and Maicher families

Extending a heartfelt thank you

Hi Todd,
Just wanted to let you know I got the disk with all the photos and they are just amazing.  I honestly cannot thank you enough for capturing my wedding day so perfectly!  You truly were amazing to work with and you are a remarkable photographer!

Todd does more than take beautiful photographs.  He truly captures moments.  He is an artist.  He is a partner.  His style coaxes the most apprehensive subject into ease.  His photos are unique, fun, lovely and memorable.  I will seek him out whenever I need photos to preserve memories.

We highly recommend Todd Fairchild not only does he take wonderful pictures, he is very creative (an artist with a camera) and gives generously of his time.  Todd met us three hours before our ceremony to take pictures of us getting our marriage license.  Since we have waited for 36 years to get legally married, this was very important to us.  I would not hesitate to recommend Todd to family, friends, and anyone who is in need of this wonderfully creative man.  Nancy and Jan 12/27/13.


Dear Todd

What can we say other than wow, thank you so much they are perfect. It was amazing having you share our day with us and without you I don’t think we would have had photos as fun and brilliant as you have created.

Can’t wait to see more, we are both in awe of them.

Thank you once again and take care

Denise & Ben

Hi Todd,
Your welcome on the referrals anytime I hear someone talk about a wedding I always ask if they need a photographer. You were the best and the way you actualy cared and didnt treat it as if it was just a job is where you differ from anyone else. I appreciate everything you and Maribeth did for us and Adriana it meant a lot! I cant thank you guys enough. Try to keep in touch hope all is well!


Todd is an amazing person and and a gifted photographer. He will jump right in whole heartedly and take the emotional ride of making your wedding or special occasion perfect no matter what obstacles may arise. A week before our wedding there was a storm that made it impossible for us to have our ceremony and initial reception site take place as planned. He comforted us and promised us that no matter what, he would help to make our day special. Todd came through like I could never imagine. He went as far as to open up his home and allow us to have our ceremony in his own back yard! On the day of our wedding, he arrived early at the hotel and was like my friendly shadow! He stole the hearts of my whole family and by the time the ceremony was over, I felt like he was part of the family. I cannot stress enough that our wedding day would never have been the same if Todd hadn’t been there to not only capture all the little special moments, but to also add to the joy and wonderfulness  with his own laughter and warm presence.

Hi Todd,
 I just sat through a viewing of my daughter’s wedding dvd (the kids gave us a copy) and I have to tell you how pleased we were with your photography.  I loved, loved, loved having you as our photographer.  The pictures were absolutely fabulous and the dvd just makes me cry.  I had not seen any of the pictures taken at Ethel Walker until now, and they were beautiful.  I can’t believe how many great shots that you got!  You really have a gift for composition and lighting.
You and your wife were a delight and I would be happy to give you a recommendation at any time. I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family.
Thanks again!

” Todd, we received the package wednesday as promised!  But i have been working nonstop since i went back, a couple days early. (i missed my patients, and they missed me!) We finally watched them both and we fell in love all over again! You did an excellent job! We dont know how to ever thank you for capturing such a special day for us, and for that you will have a special place in our hearts! Please dont forget us, and who knows we may have to work together again!  Your the best! Xoxo ”



” I received the DVD on Saturday and We absolutely love them we cant thank you enough for that day and putting this wonderful piece together. Your a wonderful person and we couldn’t be happier. We hope one day to see you again but in the mean time I hope you are having a wonderful vaca and we will keep in touch. p.s. do you have facebook? With lots of love and thank yous”

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