” Todd, we received the package wednesday as promised!  But i have been working nonstop since i went back, a couple days early. (i missed my patients, and they missed me!) We finally watched them both and we fell in love all over again! You did an excellent job! We dont know how to ever thank you for capturing such a special day for us, and for that you will have a special place in our hearts! Please dont forget us, and who knows we may have to work together again!  Your the best! Xoxo ”



” I received the DVD on Saturday and We absolutely love them we cant thank you enough for that day and putting this wonderful piece together. Your a wonderful person and we couldn’t be happier. We hope one day to see you again but in the mean time I hope you are having a wonderful vaca and we will keep in touch. p.s. do you have facebook? With lots of love and thank yous”

” Hi Todd – Aymee and I wanted to send you a quick note about our DVD.  We have shown it to a few more people – tonight at our girls night outing at a friend’s house and everyone was in tears.  They all could not believe how moved they were.  It is such a work of art.  We never get tired of showing it.  One lady actually left the room to cry.  Its sooo beautiful.  Thanks again. ”


” Thank you Todd.  Aymee and I feel like we have made a friend for life in you. Everyone we have shown our DVD too gets misty eyed and they are in love with your work.  You have such a God given talent.  Thanks again for everything. “


” We received the DVD yesterday and absolutely LOVE it!!! You did a fabulous job and we couldn’t be happier.  We showed it to my sister and my cousin last night and they both cried. We can’t wait to show it to everyone else at our party. Thank you for the lovely note and I am sure our paths will cross again in the future.  We really appreciate how wonderful you made our wedding for us and know that it was extra special because you were a part of it. Love and best wishes “

” OMG is all we can say !   You are truly an artist Todd !   The DVD is gorgeous and we have watched it ten times already and we cry everytime we see it.  You soooo captured all of our emotions of that day and you did a beautiful job.  We are truly blessed to have found you and are so thankful for your talent and passion.  You are amazing.  Thank you sooooo much for helping us to keep these memories forever.  We will be eternally grateful.  Send our love to MaryBeth as well. Hugs ! “

” Todd, the pictures are amazing and we LOVE the DVD!!! It is so awesome! There were so many great pics, I might have to make two scrapbooks :) I love the pictures of the flowers and all the scenery from the area. And of course the truck and dog! I’m so glad we got a picture of you too, now we can put you in the scrapbook so everyone can see who took our beautiful pictures :) I cannot thank you enough and tell you how thankful we are that you were part of our special day that we can relive over and over! The DVD is so great, we’ll be playing that for everyone. I am looking forward to coming back for our one year anniversary. You are so awesome, everyone that gets you as their photographer is truly blessed! With Love “


” All we can say is amazing you really captured this in such a captivating way, that brought us both to tears and reliving it all over again. It was every thing we hoped it would be and much more. Thank you could not even start to express our gratitude the love we felt from you and your wife in its self was just wonderful. We really appreciate all the memories that we will have to enjoy for a life time. Much love “

” These pictures are amazing! I can’t wait to see them all!!! I can’t tell you enough how amazing you are, we couldn’t have asked for two better people than you and Sara! We just can’t thank you enough! This was such an amazing day, we will never forget. And you made it even more special! Thank you soooo much for everything. You are so wonderful, there aren’t words to express how much this meant to us!!! With Love ”



” These are wonderful!!!!!! We are thrilled.  I am sending select ones to friends and family who were eager to know how the weekend went.  It is easier to show them pictures than to start again on the effusive adoration rant we go on when we start talking about you and your wife.  The whole experience was far, far beyond expectation.  Thank you so much for your amazing positivity and your extraordinary talent!!! Thank you Todd, we received the package and the dvd and photos are amazing! We couldnt be happier. They are perfect. Thanks so much for everything. You made our day more special. Thanks again “