Photography is my passion and capturing people at their best and most natural is exhilarating.  As a wedding photographer of 20 years, candid or “photojournalistic” photos have always been my favorite, but, making the “formal” or posed photos as natural as can be helps to make the wedding photos the very best they can be.  Each and every couple, along with their family and friends has my heart and soul while we are together.

My wife, Mary-Beth is with me most of the time and she is a huge help with her attention to detail and helping to make the formal photos fast, fun and easy.

Just about any professional photographer will take great photos for your wedding.  The biggest deciding factor is the personality of the photographer and how they will treat your family and friends – will they be courteous and respectful?  It will come down to “do I like this photographer’s personality”.

What can you expect from me?

First, my heart and soul as I already mentioned.  Our first photos together are engagement or “practice” photos which can be used for announcements etc but it will also give you a chance to see what it feels like to have posed photos taken.  We always try to attend the wedding ceremony rehearsal when possible.  There are no “time limits”, we are with you from the “getting ready” photos to when your guests are saying goodbye. You also own all the photos and they are saved for you on disks. I also create a DVD slideshow to music of your choice which is a fabulous way to enjoy the story of your wedding.  We are ALWAYS punctual (thanks mom).  One comment we frequently get is “you made everything so comfortable, easy and fun”.

Finally, weddings can be expensive and we try to be a good value to you. There are no set packages. Pricing is based on your unique needs.

While you can get a good sense of my work by the relatively few photos here in my web-site, the very best way for you to make a decision is to meet us in person, discuss your plans and expectations and see a few complete wedding DVD’s.

Thanks for looking and I hope you find a photographer that is best for you – whoever that is.