Todd is an amazing person and and a gifted photographer. He will jump right in whole heartedly and take the emotional ride of making your wedding or special occasion perfect no matter what obstacles may arise. A week before our wedding there was a storm that made it impossible for us to have our ceremony and initial reception site take place as planned. He comforted us and promised us that no matter what, he would help to make our day special. Todd came through like I could never imagine. He went as far as to open up his home and allow us to have our ceremony in his own back yard! On the day of our wedding, he arrived early at the hotel and was like my friendly shadow! He stole the hearts of my whole family and by the time the ceremony was over, I felt like he was part of the family. I cannot stress enough that our wedding day would never have been the same if Todd hadn’t been there to not only capture all the little special moments, but to also add to the joy and wonderfulness  with his own laughter and warm presence.

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